Crevice and Comb is an ongoing series exploring the diversity of bees and wasps around the globe. My focus has been on insects and arachnids for the past decade, particularly in conjunction with human fascination and repulsion with them. After reading about the decline of insect populations, particularly the populations of various bee species, my research revealed how little I knew about them. Globally, there are 20,000 species of bees and 30,000 species of wasps, and yet most people are only familiar with a few. Each of these species is tied to a number of other animals and plants. Not only are they important for the environment, but they are also beautiful, coming in a full range of colors and sizes. Like us, many of them are advanced builders; their nesting habits are marvels of engineering that protect from heat, moisture, cold, and predators, all built from nearby natural materials. This series examines the flowers each bee pollinates, as well as the architectural feats each species creates.