NESTING focuses on insects that create their own habitats, creating two-dimensional bouquets of tools, flowers, insects and their constructed homes. Insects create shelters as elaborate as humans’ and studying the precision with which they do this offers endless fascination. In my work, I also consider the flowers with which these creatures associate, some attracting them in more than others, a display of evolution on both the insect and the flower's part. Above all, I aim for my work to rouse curiosity about my chosen subject matter, inviting viewers to investigate the world in which humans and insects work and live. The world of insects should be celebrated not only for its ecological importance to humans, but also for the quiet beauty and diligence these tiny creatures contribute.

- Amber Chiozza - Osmia Avosetta
Osmia Avosetta
- Amber Chiozza - Honeycomb Bouquet
Honeycomb Bouquet
- Amber Chiozza - Organ Pipe Mud Dauber
Organ Pipe Mud Dauber
- Amber Chiozza - Tetragonula
- Amber Chiozza - Wasp Nest
Wasp Nest
- Amber Chiozza - Blue Bee Bouquet
Blue Bee Bouquet
- Amber Chiozza - Carpenter Bees
Carpenter Bees